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5 Easy Ways to Create an At-home Spa

by Fatemh Hamidi |

Bring the spa—and a sense of wellness—home with a little help from MIFA and Co.

Lately, we’ve all been thinking a lot about self-care and wellness—conversations that seem almost inevitable these days. Since we're all spending much more time at home (and avoiding any non-essential travel), why not set the spa mood at home?

Check out these five tips and create a serene space at home... 

1. Clean, scrub and organize your washroom

Believe it or not, putting in a little extra effort in cleaning your home can do wonders for your mental wellness. We feel a sense of calm and an overall sense of satisfaction when our space is clutter-free. Nothing feels better than purging your space, giving it a good clean, and settling in for some restorative time. Your spa day awaits!


2. Create your own steam shower

Pro Tip: Turn the water to icy cold right at the end of your shower session. It feels invigorating after steaming in a hot shower.

3. Invest in a luxurious body wash


MIFA and Co.'s Eucalyptus Coco Body Washfeatured in a recent Simply Beautiful Boxbecause it’s a beautiful eucalyptus blend (with hints of lavender, peppermint, and geranium) and it pairs well with the Mood Mist. It has an avocado and coconut oil base, making it extra nourishing and hydrating. We all know a good spa day nourishes your soul and your skin, you can do both with this body wash.

4. Set the mood


Ever bathed with the lights off? Dim the lights, or burn some candles while you steam shower. Bathing at night in low light will help you relax and unwind. If you have a dimmer in your washroom, great. If not, then light a few candles to help set the mood. MIFA's 100 percent natural Cardamom Noir Candle is scented using only 100 percent pure essential oils, without a drop of synthetic fragrance. Cardamom is a powerful essential oil considered an aphrodisiac; the spicy side of the scent brings clarity to the mind and the earthiness awakens our sensual side. Perfect for making your own little sanctuary at home.

5. Soothe with sounds

We’re not talking about blaring your favourite 1990s club beats here! Think birds, ocean, rain and jungle sounds. The app Insight Timer has some great music for this very purpose.