Vancouver, BC

Our Story

MIFA and Co. is based in beautiful Vancouver, BC. The company creates all natural, plant based bath and body products, made with high quality organic ingredients. We are dedicated to be 100% free from fillers, toxins, fragrances and synthetics. MIFA’s products are created to promote healthy, happy, gorgeous skin. 

The two friends behind the company are Michelle and Fate. Interests in natural products, whether it was food or skin care evolved to form a common vision. They wanted to make a difference and this is their story.

"We stand tall in our pursuit to spread awareness, live well, and nourish with nature. We hope you love our products as much as we love creating them!” –
Michelle and Fate xo 


Meet Michelle
A mama of two and avid planaholic, spent the last decade building her career in event marketing. While frolicking in the corporate world, she had discovered a growing interest to live a healthier life style through her peers, many readings and just plain old personal experiences.
Michelle Lui"There are many ways to living cleaner and everyone has their own definition. I believe there are little changes that one can make without cutting out what they still love and enjoy (I like my fries and chocolate too). It wasn't until I did more research where I realized many products that I used were not exactly what they claim. The desire to start MIFA was born because we saw the need to create more awareness on what natural really is. I wanted to be the change and create a truthful clean beauty brand. After all it's kind of like fresh food for your skin."                         

Where can you find me on days off? Moms get days off? You can usually find me strolling on the seawall with my boys with london fog in hand or chasing my little Noah and Emi in the park. Other than family, I'm all about making quality time for friends which usually involves catching up over some deliciousness and maybe a glass of vino (or two). 
-Michelle Lui, Co-Founder

Meet Fate
An educated consumer and a natural product junkie at heart, she loves to share all heFate Hamidir favourite products with everyone. “When I started my natural journey I noticed a lot of people associated natural or holistic lifestyles with being a fad or not practical. This is why it was so important for us to start MIFA and to start spreading awareness. We wanted to make it easy for consumers to purchase natural products and to help them ditch the toxins! Going natural changed my life in so many ways - as I learned to respect my body I saw changes in my health, skin, and overall well being.”                                               

Where can you find me on days off? I’m either attempting a vegetarian recipe in my kitchen, at yoga, or enjoying some cocktails with friends. I’m an avid believer of green juices and balancing my salads with an occasional poutine or crème brûlée.
-Fate Hamidi, Co-Founder