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Our Story

MIFA | My Body My Luxury
Inspired by the timeless nature of the human body, MIFA’s conscious creations
are food for the skin and soul. Committed to promoting self-care from the inside
out, MIFA’s plant-rich bath and body offerings are created to restore, refresh
and reset our experience by encouraging daily connection to self, deep
breathing and relaxation. MIFA reminds us that as we crave nature, we crave ourselves - because we are nature. 

"If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere." -- Vincent Van Gogh

As humans, we are beings - and we are nature. Our skin - the human body’s
largest organ - exists in the natural world just as a plant or a flower, and deserves to be nourished the same way: with adequate hydration, love and care. MIFA formulates with what skin loves: botanical oils and emollient-rich tropical plant butters for deep moisturization, combined with highly concentrated essential oils for aromatherapeutic affects both internally and externally.

Each individual ingredient is chosen by MIFA with purpose, both for its unique
adaptive attributes and the combined effect of the formulations. Rather than
replacing harmful synthetic ingredients and fillers, MIFA chooses to utilize
the expertise of botanically sensitive chemists who understand the synergy and
effectiveness of producing in a formal setting with intentional botanical
ingredients; the results are efficacious, luxurious products that work in tandem with each unique body.
"Our mission is to promote self-love through the evolution of self-awareness and
practice of self-care, and we hope our collection of products will consistently
deliver a healing, restorative experience to each of our customers."

To us, this is true modern luxury.

Love, Michelle and Fate xo


Friends and fellow mompreneurs, Fate and Michelle know how challenging it can be to maintain balance. In late 2017 while fostering their relationship over green juices and french fries, they recognized that their shared passion for affordable luxury and clean living could offer more than a personal escape. Wanting to become part of the natural beauty conversation as more than consumers, the two left their corporate careers to create their own conscious collection of clean beauty, designed to offer a truly natural self-care experience. The result is MIFA, high-performance products formulated with integrity and intention.

Where can you find Michelle on days off? Moms get days off? You can usually find me strolling on the seawall, chasing my little Noah and Emi with london fog in hand. Other than family, I'm all about making quality time for friends which usually involves catching up over some thing sweet and maybe a glass of vino (or two). 

Where can you find Fate on days off? I’m either attempting a vegetarian recipe in my kitchen, at yoga, or enjoying some cocktails with friends. I’m an avid believer of green juices and balancing my salads with an occasional poutine or crème brûlée.