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A sensory spa-at-home experience

a sensory spa-at-home experience

Nourish your skin. Connect with your body. Love your ritual.

Bring a luxurious spa ritual home for balance, relaxation, and healing with a full body sensory experience—created for every body and every skin



MIFA Co-founders

our story

As best friends and mamas, we know how challenging it can be to maintain balance which is why self-care is so important to us. It can simply mean ten minutes of deep breathing and meditation, taking a hot shower, or using products that make you feel good inside and out.

While fostering our relationship over green juices and french fries, we recognized that our shared passion for affordable luxury and clean beauty could offer more than a personal escape.

The more research we did the more we realized that we couldn’t find products that were truly 100% natural, effective, without any synthetic ingredients, or added fragrances. We believe that what you put on your skin is as important as how you feel in your skin, and often those two things are mutually exclusive, contributing to one another.

Wanting to become part of the natural beauty conversation as more than just consumers, we both left our corporate careers to create our own conscious collection of clean beauty. The brand is designed to offer a truly natural self-care experience that not only nourishes your skin, but also offers aromatherapeutic benefits that encourage self-care.

We love creating products that consistently deliver a healing, restorative experience to each of our customers. To us, this is true modern luxury.

With love and gratitude,
Michelle & Fatemah

PS Did you know that the brand name came from our names? Michelle (MI) and Fatemah (FA) = MIFA.


full-body wellness ritual

MIFA is a 100% natural body care brand with a mission to help you achieve internal wellness and healthy skin through a spa-at-home experience.

Using traditional botanicals, with the highest standard of quality and purity, our line carries affordable luxury products for the bath, body, and home that help bring about balance and relaxation.

Aromatherapy has shown to have both physical and psychological health benefits, boosting mood, lowering stress levels, and inducing relaxation. MIFA elevates that experience—our restorative formulas combine modern plant extracts that wake the senses and skin-loving essential oils that make you glow, all with zero synthetic ingredients, fragrances, fillers, or toxins.

MIFA products are available in over 50 retailers across Canada, inspiring you to nourish yourself and love your ritual.

full-body wellness ritual

rewriting the rules of natural beauty

In late 2017, founders Michelle Lui and Fatemah Hamidi left their corporate jobs to launch MIFA. Inspired by the timeless nature of the human body and creating food for the skin and soul, the idea was conceived in Fatemah’s kitchen. It was there where they began individually handmaking and packaging each product.

Today, they have expanded to working with botanically sensitive chemists who understand the synergy and effectiveness of producing high-performing products.

MIFA products are designed, developed, and manufactured in British Columbia, Canada in a Health Canada-approved facility.

unique spa-at-home experience

MIFA’s multi-use formulations are a sensory experience, nurturing and nourishing your body from head to toe.

Committed to promoting self-care from the inside out, MIFA’s plant-rich bath and body offerings are created to restore, refresh, and reset our experience by encouraging daily connection to self, deep breathing, and relaxation—a ritual we can all get behind.

giving our skin what it wants

As humans, we come from the very nature that surrounds us. Our skin, the human body’s largest organ, exists in the natural world just as a plant or a flower does, and deserves to be nourished the same way—with adequate hydration, love, and care.

MIFA’s formulations are inspired by what the skin loves: botanical oils and emollient-rich tropical plant butters for deep moisturization, combined with highly concentrated essential oils.

The results are a full-body sensory experience.