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Start The New Year With These Five New Wellness Ideas

by Michelle Lui |

Happy New Year! Even more than ever, we are all looking for a fresh start for 2021. We also know it's important to be as mindful as we can moving through the year, evaluating throughout the year. Here are five ideas to add to your 2021 list!

  1. Learn a new recipe each week. You can even start a recipe exchange with friends! 
  2. Add a new podcast or playlist to your rotation. We have some of our fave podcasts below!  
  3. Make a room in your home your sanctuary. Light a bedside candle or create an aromatherapy ritual to unwind. This could be in your office, shower or bedroom.
  4. Frequent purging and decluttering, because maybe we don't need 8 notepads. Rule of thumb, if you haven't used it in a year then get rid of it. 
  5. Take a cold shower! It's a bit trendy at the moment, but it does feel really good afterwards (key word afterwards - you can do it!).