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The Michelle Method: Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

by Michelle Lui |

Meet Michelle McGrattan, a certified Precision Nutrition Coach with a passion for fitness and healthy living. She is also a full-time mama and fitness instructor.

Michelle has developed The Michelle Method which embodies self-love, self-worth, and becoming ones best self through health + nutrition. She is on a journey to help others look, feel and perform at their best, whether they’re at an athletic level or are at the beginning stages of being committed to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Do you follow a special morning (or evening) routine?

YES! Our first hours of the entire tone for the day, so I usually wake up and have my lemon water, make a bunch of celery juice take my supplements, have my coffee and adaptogens I then have a healthy breakfast full of protein, then get the kiddos fed and ready for school, and either get my workout in really early in the morning before the kids wake up or right after school drop off and I’m set for the workday to accomplish what I need and to show up as the best version of me!

How would you describe your approach to wellness?

For myself and for my clients I try to approach wellness as “it’s not complicated” -  it should truly just be a part of your every day life without restriction, and doing the things on the daily that make you feel incredible inside and out, which means fueling ourselves properly and getting in some type of movement, and mindfulness every single day!

Fill in the Blank: Your present life will be a lot better if you,

prioritize your health

When do you feel the greatest mind-body connection?

When I get outside and get grounded, I feel like I am so tapped in when I am breathing in fresh air, and surrounding myself with nature!

In what ways do you nourish yourself daily?

Every single day I make sure to nourish my body, we are what we eat and it comes from the inside out, so I think it’s important to make sure that we are getting enough micronutrients and the right macronutrients. Along with, that my skin care routine is on point and my MIFA All-Over Oil is a huge part of that in the morning and at night!  

Along with eating well and moving my body, I also coach clients on the day today on how to also do the same! I am a nutrition coach and have been doing so for many years and it is a huge passion of mine. It is so fulfilling to be able to see people change their lives for the better every single day and that they feel incredible inside and out! An incredible thing about coaching is getting my clients out of their old mindset, I like to bring in the anti-diet mentality ;)

Another huge part of my life is fitness instructing and healthy baking, which we all know I love so much! I am always posting fun, healthy, recipes on Instagram, there are a ton on my website along with my digital cookbooks! Coaching, recipes, cookbooks and more can be found on my website :)

Lastly, what is your favorite MIFA product and why? - I absolutely LOVE the All-Over Oil, I literally use it every day and every night, it is a staple in my skincare routine!