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Summer Wellness Bucket List

by Michelle Lui |

Bucket lists usually contain wild, adventurous goals like going on a safari, sky diving, or writing a book. This one is a bit different though, we wanted to make it a lighter one and thus more approachable in the short term!

With August coming to an end and fall around the corner, we thought it would be fun to put together a summer wellness bucket list to end off the summer as the best version of ourselves. Are you in?! Join in and tag us as you work through this list over on Instagram

  1. GET GLAZED: Indulge in an extreme over the top self-care ritual at home drenching your body in moisturizers, serums, and oils.  Think honey glazed donut. 
  2. RISE AND FLOW: Wake up one hour early and do yoga first thing in the morning. For best results, wake up before anyone else in your household to embrace the silence of the morning. Watching the sunrise can be quite lovely too. We love YYOGA at Home (YouTube is also a great option). You can use the Eucalyptus Mood Mist to enhance the ritual and practice some deep breathing. 
  3. LEMON SQUEEZE: Although lemon season is all year long, there’s something about lemons that makes us think of summer (lemonade, Caesar salad, tequila). There are so many evidence-based benefits of drinking a big glass of lemon water when you first wake up – so let’s drink up. Cheers! 
  4. CHECK IN: Book a staycation for one night. Find a local hotel with an outdoor pool – go alone, with friends, or your partner. We will say though: we love the idea of doing this alone. Take a good book, a journal, a Spotify playlist, and ENJOY me time. It’s a great time to do some self-reflecting, life planning, or just indulge in pure relaxation… don’t forget to order room service!
  5. HAPPY DAY: Set a single goal or commit to a small daily action (something that will make you happy!) for the fall season. 
  6. FOREST BATH: We’re always talking about bathing at home but how about we try forest bathing? Its origin come from Japan (shinrin-yoku) and the practice involves submersing yourself in the forest, taking in the sounds, the sunlight through the trees, the fresh clean air – all these things that bring us a sense of comfort and reduce our stress levels.   
  7. UNPLUG: Do a digital detox. We said it. Whether it’s 24 hours or three days, there’s something about just disconnecting to connect with the people and places around you. There’s no better time to do this than in the summer. 
  8. WRITE WAY: Buy a journal and use it to plan out your days, gratitude journaling, goal setting, writing down random thoughts, etc. There’s just something so satisfying about writing our thoughts out with pen and paper. Expressing gratitude particularly reduces stress, increases optimism, and changes your brain. Commit to doing it for a week and see how you feel!

Integrate a few or all of these summer wellness bucket list ideas into your routine and you’re set to feel more connected, healthier, and happier moving into the new season of fall. We can’t wait to check these off with you all over on Instagram