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Skin feeling a little dull lately?

by Michelle Lui |

If your skin feels tight, rough, dry and inflamed, chances are your skin’s protective barrier is damaged. Don’t panic! It happens to all of us whether it be stress related, the dry winter weather, or even because of your caffeine intake.  Thankfully, we can have your skin repaired in as little as a few days.  

The key is to increase moisture levels to build your skins barrier back up again. You should put a pause on your regular skincare routine if it includes aggressive ingredients like exfoliants, acids, or products with artificial fragrances. You’ll want to introduce a more soothing skincare routine that’s rich in hydration that allows your skin to heal naturally. 

Introducing our 3-step hydration routine. 

Step 1 

Vitamin Sea Essence – an algae rich powerhouse – our vegan collagen face mist provides a powerful, weightless boost of vitamins and minerals for plump, deeply nourished skin. Apply to freshly cleansed (or showered) skin. 

Step 2 

All-Over Skin Dew Face + Body Serum – formulated with traditional botanical oils used for centuries in healing of the skin: Gotu Kola, Goji Seed Berry, Argan Nut Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil. Apply this immediately after the essence while your skin is still damp. 

Step 3 

All-Over Oil – lastly lock in that moisture. Formulated with 5 powerful botanical seed oils that are nutrient-dense, lightweight, and restorative that sinks in beautifully, leaving skin smooth, bright, and glowing.

Repeat this 3-step hydration routine every day. Shop the Skin Essentials Set.

So, the next time your skin is screaming SOS and it needs a little extra love, give this routine a try. We know you’ll love it as much as we do. 

Pro Tip: The All-Over Skin Dew + All-Over Oil can be used head-to-toe to reduce the number of products in your vanity. If using for your body, you only need to practice this ritual a 2-3 times per week.