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Self-Care Reimagined

by Michelle Lui |

Self-care includes eating properly, exercising, sleeping well, coping appropriately with emotions, socializing, dating, healthy solitude, spirituality, relaxation and rest, practicing gratitude, taking care of financial matters, meeting obligations, and so many other important daily rituals of mindfulness.

It can be difficult for those who have a long to-do list, kids, or work late hours but if you can set up your life so you move more, eat less, socialize more, and live out your purpose, you can get the best years out of your body and mind.  

1. Move naturally and more often.

Just get into the routine of consistent movement. Park your car further away, go for a post-dinner walk, have a living room dance party, stretch your arms up in the air when you first wake up (then touch your toes), neck stretches in the shower, whatever more movement looks like to you, just do it. Don’t overthink it.

2. What do you put in your body and how to do you treat it?

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t getting adequate hydration in a day. My go-to is coconut water at the end of the day if I feel dehydrated. We love the Electric Beauty – Vegas Water by Aphina. Rich in amino acids and minerals, supports collagen production and strong bones. Meanwhile, the electrolyte-rich coconut water replenishes vital minerals, including potassium, for optimal hydration. Makes a great summer cocktail, too!

3. Technology Boundaries Are the New Normal

The days of scrolling Tik-Tok and Netflix binges are over and probably doing more harm than good. Get social (IRL) instead. Don’t have a big group of friends? Take any opportunity you can seize, go for a solo-walk and smile and say hello to those you walk by OR find a local studio for weekly yoga or dance classes. Anything but the couch (unless you’re taking a nap).

4. Dealing with Stress.

The world’s oldest living people have routines to shred stress, whether it’s having happy hour, taking a nap, or practicing meditation.