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Essences, Toners, and Mists. What’s the difference?

by Michelle Lui |

Oh, the beauty of skincare and how it can sometimes have a relationship status of “it’s complicated”. We’re here to help decode and simplify. 

We’ll start with the easy one. Mist and toners are simply the same thing and the name is just interchangeably used. 

Toners (or Mists!) 

When we wash our face with a cleanser (regardless if it’s considered gentle or not), we’re messing around with the natural pH of our skin. Toners are important because of their effect on skin’s pH level, which links to the health of our skin’s ecosystem of microbiomes.  So essentially, we’re using facial toners to help re-balance the pH of our skin. This makes using a toner an essential step in your skincare routine. 


We can thank K-Beauty for the introduction of essences. It is basically an amalgamation of a toner and a serum in one-step. I like to refer to it as the extravagant version of a toner. Where you’re getting not only a toner but a spray that is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. Essences help to drive moisture to your skin and make for a perfect primer for the rest of your skincare routine. 

Our conclusion is, opt for an essence to not only simplify your skincare routine, but to also help deliver optimal results for a healthy, naturally radiant glow.